The Battery started its career as Captain J Millers Company on the 1st October 1794 at
Plymouth. In those days the Company changed its name every time the Company Commander changed, that was no exception in 1811, Capatain F Campbell assumed Command.
The following Battery History was kindly donated by JIMMY GREEN
1815 a small detachment went to Martinique in support of French Royalist and
.......another detachment went to Guadeloupe for the same purpose.
1825 June returned to Ireland
1825 the Companies were numbered within the Battalion and the Company became
.........No 2 Coy - 5th Battalion RA.
1828 April moved to Malta
1840 returned to Dublin Ireland
1850 October returned to Woolwich
1855 September moved to the Crimea where it served as an ammunition column for of Infantry Divisions. It was while in Sebastopol that Captain G Davis was awarded the
"Victoria Cross" on the 8th September 1855 .
1856 returned to woolwich
1859 the organisation of the Royal Artillery was changed and the unit became
........4 Battery - 8th Brigade RA.
1861 at Davenport and because it was a field battery its designation was changed to
.........D Battery - 8th Brigade RA.
1863 moved to Ireland and moved every few months to different stations.
1866 returned to Woolwich
1867 moved to Bareilly
1872 went to Benares and later to Lahore.
........The system in those days was to move the Batteries to different stations quite frequently.
1877 whilst at Nowgong that the organisation changed again and it became
.........D Battery 3rd Brigade RA but remained a Field Battery.
1877 took part in an engagement at Jowaki.
1882 1st April became J Battery - 4th Brigade RA
1889 1st July the Field Batteries were numbered from 1 upwards and the Battery became
27 Field Battery, there now being no Brigade organisations.
1899 permanent Field Brigades each of three batteries were formed
........ 27 Field Bty became part of XXXV (35) Brigade in India.
1902 the Brigade went to Ireland.
1922 After the WAR there were many reorganisations and Brigade was renumbered
........XV1 Bde RFA (16 Brigade) still including 27 Bty RFA.
1938 there was a major reorganisation and the Brigades became Regiments and some
........Batteries were linked into pairs.
........XV1 Brigade became 16th Firld Regiment and 27 Bty with 72 Bty to form 27/72 field Battery
1938 - 1945 The WAR service of the Battery is included in 16 Field Regiment
...........HISTORY OF THE REGIMENT FROM 1939 to 1947 PAGE
1947 After the WAR the Batteries were unlinked and renumbered and the Battery became
......... 68 Field Battery of 42 Field Regiment RA.
The Battery served in Germany - Korea - Hong Kong - Wales - Plymouth - Cyprus - Wales and then back to Germany in May 1964 when it became a Medium Battery.
1969 In a major reorganisation and reduction in the Army the Battery was placed into
........suspended animation.
1871 Marched to Jubbulpore (581 Km)
1857 moved to Northampton equipped as a Field Battery
1858 moved to Aldershot
1844 went to Canada and was part of the Garrison at Quebec later moved to Ontario
1851 moved to Leith in Scotland where it formed part of the coastal defences of the ........Firth of Forth but was also in charge of the equipment of a Field Battery.
1820 embarked at Barbados for woolwich and arrived there in February
1836 returned to Woolwich.
1866 July embarked for india landing in Calcutta on 28th October and then marched Sitapore arriving on 14th December. (1,076 Km - quite a long march !! )
1881 The Battery returned to Woolwich
1883 the Battery moved to Christchurch Hants
1887 returned to India and was stationed at Kirkee and later to Ahmedabed.
1907 returned to England serving alongside 60 & 36 Batteries
1909 October went to Newcastle upon Tyne and the Brigade was redesignated as
.........XXX11 Bde RFA (32 Brigade)
1914 - 1918 served in the Great WAR (SEE 27 BATTERY PAGES)
1924 the whole Regiment was amalgamated as the Royal Artillery and the Battery became
.........27 Field Battery RA of XV1 Fd Bde RA (16 Brigade)
General Notes about 68 Battery from Distribution List Documents
1908 to 1924

68 Battery pre 1947 served as follows;-

1924 - 14th Brigade with 38 - 88 - 61H Batteries
1923 - Ditto
1922 - Ditto
1914 - 14th Brigade with 39 - 88 Batteries
1908 - Ditto

There is also mention of 68 Bty serving in Peshawar in 1895 to 1896