1914 ..................XXXII Bde RFA

Maj H.E Vallentin

1st Jan --------- Woolwich
23rd Aug -------Western Front

Mobilisation started on 4th Aug the Bty becoming part of 4th Div. On 15th Aug 4th Div concentrated at Harrow, the Bty marching there from Woolwich. On 22nd Aug the Bty moved by rail to Southampton and embarked there in SS Thespis for Boulogne, arriving there at midday on 23rd Aug.
Moved by rail to Bohain, 16 miles SE of Cambrai. Bivouacked and at 0200 hrs 25th Aug marched to Briastre and went into action W of the village but didn't fire, withdrew at dusk to Longny.
On 26th Aug went into action W of Ligny firing upon a German Bty going into action about 4,000 yards away. When all the ammunition was fired the detachments were withdrawn to a safe position because the Bty was now under fire from several German Bty,s that night the retirement continued.
On 27th Aug went into action N of Hancourt but withdrew that night. At Fontenoy on 30th Aug and at St Vaast-de-Langmont on 31st Aug. On 5th Sept the Retirement ended and the Bty were at Gregy, 16 miles SE of Paris.
Became attached to the Cavalry Div and advanced with them. On 8th Sept fought and advanced through Villiers - Templon to Sablonnieres, relieved on 19th Sept and moved to billets at Mont de Bonneil.
On 13th Sept the Aisne Maxence and there entrained for Hazebrouck arriving on 14th Oct, joined 4th Div between Meteren and Bailleul.
On 20th Oct went into action at Neuve Eglise and was in action in that area until 29th Oct when the Bty moved to the east of Ploegsteert Wood.
Relieved on 11th Nov and went into billets at Nieppe. Moved back into action on 18th Nov where heavy snow fell and the line began to quiten down.
Marched to billets at Nieppe at the beginning of Dec and in mid Dec went into action on Hill 63, the Bty on the right of the Bde firing on Messines and Wytschaete, took part on the bombardment for an attack on Wytschaete firing 735 rounds in an hour.

Remained there for the rest of the month............................


Maj H.E Vallentin ......... Maj W.K Gray .......... Maj P.H Wilson

1st Jan -------Western Front

On 8th Jan moved to rest at Steenwerecke where W.K Gray took over from H.E Vallentin. On 20th jan moved back to the position on Hill 63. Feb was very quiet and brick platforms were built for the Guns.
March was similarly quiet and brick standings were begun at the wagon lines. On 18thApril moved out to three weeks rest at La Menegate, later in the month forward wire cutting positions were built but never used.
Towards the end of the month the Bty went into action SW of Neuve Eglise, relieved on 15th May and marched to Poperinghe and then to Vlamertinghe going into action S of Chateau Reigersburg.
On 24th May a heavy bombardment with GAS but the Bty was not seriously affected.
P.H Wilson joined on 31st May and assumed command.
On 12th June the Bty moved North to Brielen, fairly quiet until 6th Jul when 11 Infantry Bde made an early morning attack for which the Bty provided a 45 minute bombardment, firing 650 rounds followed by another 1800 during the day.
On 14th Jul the Bty less centre section, marched to rest at Hautekerque, followed by centre section five days later.
At the end of the month the Bty moved by rail and road to Thievres and spent 10 days there on training. Two section then went into action at Martinsart, right section stayed at the wagon lines at Englebelmer wood.
Sep was very quiet after the Ypres battle and much work was put in on the Gun positions.
Early in Oct right section went into an enfilade position at Auchonvillers.

The line remained quiet in this sector for the remainder of the year...................


Maj P.H Wilson ........ Maj H.G Straker ........ Capt C.T Hutchinson

1st Jan -------Western Front

On 6th Jan the enemy bobarded Hamel and the front line of the Bty zone all day, the Bty replied with section fire on barrage lines and then all went quiet. The remainder of Jan and the whole of feb was quiet.
The Bty was releived on 3rd March and went to rest at Halloy. At the end of the month moved to a wagon lines at Henu and took over a position to the west of Fonquevillers.
It was a quiet period but an enemy balloon was up close nearly every day and movement had to be restricted. Marched out at the beginning of May to rest at Outrebois near Doullens.
P.H Wilson left on being invalided home on 5th May and H.G Straker took over.
Billets and lines were good and training was carried out. In the middle of the month the Bty marched to Abbeville and carried out two weeks intensive training with the division.
marched to Vauchelles in mid June and on night 23/24 June moved into positions south of Auchonvillers. This was in full view from Thiepval, took part in the six day bombardment for the Battle of Albert.
The attack failed and the Bty was ordered to fire on the old enemy front line. Three days later the Bty received about 75 enemy shells, because the position was so exposed the Bty was withdrawn to rest near Doullens.
On 20th July the Bty marched to Oudezeele near Poperinghe and on the 25th July the day after arrival the Bty went into position north of Ypres on the Ypres-Brielen road.
On 8th and 9th Aug the enemy shelled the position and there were some casualties, one Gun being destroyed.
Releived on 20th Aug but occupied positions at Blaupoort Farm 2 miles SE of Ypres on 21st Aug
Releived by an Australian Bty on 2nd Sept and moved to positions on the north outskirts of Ypres, releived there on 12 Sept and moved to Watou 4 miles west of Pperinghe.

After four days rest moved by rail to St Sauver 5 miles west of Amiens. Three days were spent resting then on 18th sept one days march to a bivouac at Bois de Tailles 2 miles west of Bray-Sur-Somme.
On 21st Sept moved into position 1000 yds south of Guillemont, enemy shelling was frequent and for the next eight weeks frequent creeping barrages were fired in support of attacks, unfortunately unsuccessful. On Le Transloy some 30,000 rounds were fired.
On 7th Oct advanced to a position just south of Guinchy Corner where the shelling was rather worse.
By 5th Nov a wire cutting position had been occupied on the Les Boeufs-Morval Ridge.
Th Bty fired all day and moved to the new position at night, starting to cut the wire at dawn on 6th Nov. The 2,000 yds move took nine hours and five horses died of exhaustion or heart failure. After three days the Bty was withdrawn to the old position and was releived from there on 15th Nov. After a five day march the Bty arrived at Senarpont and fourteen days rest was ordered. Left Senarpont on 5th Dec for camp 14 at Bois de Tailles, arriving on 9th Dec. On 11th Dec releived a French Bty in action at a position 2000 yds south east of Combles firing on St Pierre Vaast Wood.

Maj straker became sick on 15th Dec so Capt C.T Hutchinson Commanded.


Capt C.T Hutchinson ........ Maj F.W Richey ........ Maj R.B Stoney ........ Maj M.E Dennis
Maj H.G Straker ........ Maj C.M Vallentin

1st Jan -------Western Front

On 2nd Jan marched to Yzeux 10 miles NW of Amiens arriving on 4th Jan. Ten days rest and cleaning up. On 15th Jan marched to Camp 14 stayed there for three days and then releived a French Bty in action at positions 2500 yds west of Bouchavesnes. The wagon lines was 7 miles back at Suzanne.

Maj F.W Richey joine don 15th jan and assumed Command. Feb was spent prparing a forward position for a forthcomming attack. This was occupied on 2nd March and the attack on Fritz trench was made by 8th Div on 4th March.
The Bty was withdrawn on 6th march went to the wagon lines for one night and then marched to Canchy-sur-Canche. Rested for four days and on 18th March marched to Maroeuil. On 22nd March went into a positon east of St Catherine just north of Arras.

Fairly quiet but towards the end of the month a long range Gun shelled the wagon lines and caused caualties to men and horses. A five days bombardment preceeded the battle of arras on 9th April and in the afternoon of that day the Bty advanced across the old front line to support the forward Infantry. The nexy three days were failry quiet.
On 12th April Maj F.W Richey left for promotion and he was replaced by Maj R.B Stoney but the later was gassed on 13th april in the position and was evacuated to hospital,
Capt C.T Hutchinson arrived from the wagon lines and assumed command.
Many barrages were fired during the rest of April but no further advance took place.
The personnel of the Bty withdrew for four days reat on 3rd May and on returnto the position things were somewhat quieter.
Maj M.E Dennis joined on 12th may and assumed command.
By June the Bde only had 12 serviceable 18Pdrs so only two positions were manned. Every three weeks each bty got a weeks rest. A good position with dugouts for all was occupied in mid July on the north side of the River Scarpe opposite Feuchy.
Very quiet with little if any enemy shelling. Maj H.G Straker rejoined on 1st aug and assumed command.
On 20th aug spent a weeks rest at the wagon lines and then moved to Hopoutre 3 miles SW of Poperinghe by rail.
Marched to bivouac outside Proven, moved into action at the beginning of Sept on Pilekem Ridge, heavy shelling with HE and GAS caused casualties.
On 4th Oct the Bty moved forward to the Steenbecke. Shelling and conditions much worse.
On 13th Oct Maj straker was wounded, Capt Hutchinson took over again.
Heavy HE and GAS shelling on the night 2/3rd Nov had madeall personnel less 8 OR,s casualties.
On 4th Nov all personnel were withdrawn and GUNS handed over to another Bty.
Maj C.M Vallentin joined to command.
Marched to Tilloy arriving 10th Nov and took over a position near Monchy-Le-Preux.
Frequent shelling, the Bty was short of 45 men but reinforcements began to arrive. Some barrages were fired in Dec and an SOS on Christmas Eve against an unsuccessful enemy raid.


Maj C.M Vallentin

1st Jan -------Western Front
11th Nov -----France
8th Dec ------ Belguim

Electric light was installed on the position in Jan. Great preperations were made in Feb to resist the expected enemy offensive including an alternative position in the rear.
On 15th Feb the Bty was relieved and moved to the wagon lines at Tilloy where Bty and section training took place. At the end of the month moved to an aold factory building in Arras. On 21st March went into position 1000 yds west of Fampoux firing on Roeux and the chemical works. Two 15 pdr anti tank guns were also taken over. There was a good deal of enemy shelling.
On 26th march the Bty retired 2,500 yds and on 28th march a very heavy bombardment took place. In the afternoon bodies of troops were seen only 2,000 yds away and shortly afterwards the Bty was ordered to retire at once.
The Bty was shelled as it came out of action. The new position was on the eastern outskirts of St Nicholas but on 31st march the Bty moved to a position SE of St Laurent Blangy.
On 5th april the position and Guns was handed over and the personnel withdrawn to rest at Montenescourt 6 miles west of Arras.
On 15th april the Bty marched to Lannoy 5 miles NW of Bethune and on 18th April occupied a position there. The Bty was shelled and had to be evacuated three times. A new position was occupied about 700 yds away near La Brassarderie Farm.
May was quiet although shoots were fired every night, June and July were also quite.
The enemy began to withdraw in August and the Bty moved to forward positions.
On 10th August the Bty marched to the south for Monchy-le-Preux and went into action there on 15th August. Considerable shelling but several successful barrages were fired
On 2nd sept a long barrage was fired in support of the general attack.
Moved to rest at Savy near Aubigny on 5th sept. Ten days rest and training followed until 15th sept when the Bty went into action at Vis-en-Artois.
In early Oct the Bty moved into four old German gunpits 1 mile NW of Cambrai.
The next three weeks were spent moving forward from position to position and by 4th Nov the Bty was 1,000 yds NNE of Artres.
Marched out on 6th Nov and reached Coron on 11th Nov.
Moved to Maurage 7 miles east of Mons on 8th December.


The CWGC web site has kindly provided a list of those sadly killed whilst serving with the Battery this can be seen on the Memorial page to the Fallen.