1900 to 1923 as 32 Brigade Royal Field Artillery

This was a unit of the pre-war regular Army. It was placed under the command of 4th Division.
This formation, initially planned to be part of the original British Expeditionary Force, was at the last minute held back in England to counter any German landing. A decision was soon taken to despatch it to France so on the 14th August it was concentrated at Harrow and then marched to Woolwich. On the 22nd moved by rail to Southampton and embarked on SS Thespis for Boulogne arriving there midday on the 23rd August and arrived just in time to play a valuable part at Le Cateau on the 26th August 1914.
The 4th Division then remained on the western front throughout the War. It took part in most of the Major actions including :

The Battle of Le Cateau (The division fought in this action without its Mounted Troops, Heavy Battery, Divisional Ammunition Column, Field Companies RE, Signals Company RE, Field Ambulances RAMC and Divisional Train which were all still on route from England.
The battle of the Marns
The Battle of the Aisne
The Battle of Messines 1914

The second Battle of Ypres

The Battle of Albert* (July)

The First Battle of the Scarpe**
The Third Battle of the Scarpe**
The Battles marked ** are phases of the Battles of Arras (April)
The Battle of Poltgon Wood*** (September)
The Battle of Broodseinde*** 4th October)
The Battle of Poelcapelle*** (9th October)
The Battles marked *** are phases of the Third Battle of Ypres

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The original Batteries were 134 - 135 & 136 but in 1914, 136 was replaced by 27 Bty.
In June 1916 another Battery "D" joined, it was made up of a section from 86 Battery and another from 128 Battery, both had been in 127 Brigade also in 4th Division.
On the 14th January 1917 "D" Battery was broken up and each section was returned to their respective units.

Please use this link to read the account of 32 Brigade at the Battle of Le cateau on 26th August 1914 - and see the photographs of my visit in August 2014.

Please use this link to read the WAR DIARIES

In 1920 86 Battery rejoined the Regiment

In 1923 the Brigade No was changed to 16 Brigade, the battery numbers stayed the same until 1928 when the following were changed.

134 became 34
135 became 72

Batteries serving were now
34 - 72 - 27 - 86

In 1938 72 & 86 were amalgamated and became known as 72/86

In 1939 The Brigade was redesignated as
16th Field Regiment Royal Artillery

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